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Sadly no complete race today, my heart is crying but my body says „thank you“, all together you can’t beat mother nature 🤷🏼‍♂️ Thanks to @banskoworldcup for treating us so well, see you next time ✌🏼
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Yesss….another podium 😁 
GS is feeling better and better 💪🏼 
Congrats to the man from outer space @marcoodermatt and @alexandersteenolsen1 for his first GS Podium 👏🏼
Tomorrow slalom again 🤘🏼
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
Crazy race in @chamonixworldcup again 😅 Solid skiing by me, but not good enough for a podium! 
Still my 7th Top 5 in my 7th slalom and i‘ve already looked worse here, so i can’t complain 😉
Congrats to @dyule for writing history today 👏🏼
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
Looking back on a really successful first half of the season 😁
Second half ahead and still hungry 😈
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
Das waren schwierige Heimrennen mit extrem unterschiedlichen Gegebenheiten, aber ich glaube mit zwei Top 5 Ergebnissen und einem Podium kann ich zufrieden sein, auch wenn ich mir im Slalom natürlich mehr erwartet hätte! 
Vielen Dank an ALLE Fans! Ohne euch wären wir nur ein paar Verrückte die mit zwei Holzbrettern von roter Plastikstange zu blauer Plastikstange fahren, naja sind wir so auch noch 😅  aber mit euch wird daraus ein unvergessliches Erlebnis! Ich freu mich schon auf nächstes Jahr 🥳
Jetzt ein paar Tage Energie tanken und dann auf zur nächsten Etappe…rot, blau, rot, blau 🤪🤘🏼
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
This one feels really good, after a tough GS season so far 😁🙌🏽 Thank you @thenightrace_schladming for making it even more special by giving us an amazing atmosphere 👏🏼
See you tonight 🤘🏼
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
A really painful 4th place today, but yeah that’s skiing! Big shout out to everyone who was supporting me 🙌🏽 And congrats to the podium! Especially to @linusstrasser for the victory…who would have ever thought that we will reach that far, when we were skiing against each other more than 20 years ago on that hill 😅👏🏼
#weareskikng #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
Just unbelievable 😁🙌🏽🍾
That was a close one again 😅 Congrats and thank you to @atleliemcgrath for pushing me to my limits 🤜🏼🤛🏼 and congrats to @h_kristoffersen for his first podium this season 💪🏼
#weareakiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
When dreams come true 😁🙌🏽
What a fight 💪🏼 Congrats to @atleliemcgrath that was a tight one 😅👌🏼 and to @dominik_raschner for his first Slalom podium 🥳
Thank you @worldcupadelboden it’s always a pleasure to come here 🙏🏽 
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner
Best GS-turns this season, but didn’t pay off 🤷🏼‍♂️
However no time to look back, focus on the first slalom of the new year tomorrow 🤘🏼
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfannergetraenke
Too many mistakes, but still a good race with a 5th place 🤙🏼
@schwarz_marco Congrats Buddy, what you have shown the last races is just amazing 🎩👏🏼 
#weareskiing #casablancahotelsoftware #pfanner


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